DRDC Workshop: Workshop on Wireless communications and sensing for Space-based Applications

Tuesday, November 12

10:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Chair: Ms. Anne Young, DRDC

Space-based observation, navigation and communications systems operate in a harsh physical environment (e.g., solar radiation, particle radiation) and need to deal with the mechanical and electromagnetic hazards that occur from human activities, such as orbital debris and RF spectral congestion.

The capabilities of Space systems and their payloads are constrained by system design choices and the impacts upon them due to this congested, contested and competitive space environment.  Space system resiliency is a means for these space systems to mitigate these effects upon them and their payloads.

This workshop is inviting presentations on areas of research that can mitigate electromagnetic space hazards upon the wireless element of space systems.

Topic areas could be quantum radar, quantum communications, autonomous control of wireless devices, novel signal processing techniques to detect wireless signals in space, and the use of machine-learning algorithms to characterize and control signals.

Draft Agenda





Shaw Centre, Ottawa


Workshop Overview

The Problem – Wireless Communications and Sensing for Space-based Applications.

Ms. Anne Young – DRDC, Chairperson, Workshop on Wireless Communications and Sensing for Space-based Applications


Investigation of techniques for signal targeting of unmanned aerial systems

Dr. Pierre Luc Drouin


Sensor fusion for space applications

Dr Bhashyam Balaji -DRDC


Quantum Radars for Space Platforms

David Leung – DRDC, Carleton


Direction of arrival estimation for interference sources

using differential geometry

Mr. Hossein Chahour


Novel RF Sensing techniques for Space

Mr. Mamoon M Rashid - DRDC

12:00 – 13:30

LUNCH BREAK (on your own)


“Practical, Portable and Jamming Resilient Space-Based Quantum Sensing; Introducing Functional LIDAR”

Dr Amr Helmy

University of Toronto


Plenary session

Ms. Anne Young, WS Chairperson and Plenary lead

Prof S. Rajan

[All presenters]

Balaji, Dr. Bhashyam

Dr C. Livingstone


Closing Remarks and Workshop Wrap-up

Ms. Anne Young