Wednesday, November 13th
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Room 201

Title: Developing AI-based Smart Signal Processing Systems using MATLAB

The use of AI techniques on signals is growing in popularity across a variety of applications. In this practical session, we will explore how MATLAB can help accelerate the development and deployment of predictive models as applicable to timeseries data using transfer learning workflows. We will explore some specific tools to speed up AI workflow – From signal labeling to deployment on Embedded Systems such as NVIDIA Jetson.  We will also look at newer techniques at the intersection of signal processing and deep learning that can be particularly useful when available data is low.  

Presenter Bio:  Kirthi K. Devleker is WW Medical Devices and Healthcare Industry Marketing Manager at MathWorks. Previously, he served as a product manager at MathWorks focusing on Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications for sensor data. Kirthi is responsible for overall medical devices and healthcare strategy and execution. Kirthi has been with MathWorks for 9 years; and has a master’s in electrical engineering from San Jose State University, CA USA. Prior to joining MathWorks, Kirthi worked as a software evangelist developing sensor characterization tools in MATLAB.

Presenter Bio:  Akhilesh Mishra is an Application Engineer for the Medical devices and Healthcare industry at MathWorks. He specializes in the signal/data processing, artificial intelligence and GPU computing workflows.  He has been with MathWorks since 2016. Akhilesh holds a M.S. degree from University of Kansas where he was the signal processing lead in a group working on radar and sonar systems for sounding the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica to study global sea-level rise.